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Roadtrek fresh water drain valve

To drain this tank you could either use the faucet method, if valve is in closed position, or open the valve and drain into the outside tank and then open the drain plug underneath the drivers door. There is another switch tank selector valve (red handle) near the water heater to isolate and drain the exterior fresh water tank and the exterior ...

Turn Off the Water . Find the water shut-off valve for your house and turn off the water. Open the metal water meter box. Locate the valve beside the meter, on the house side of the meter (not the street side). Carefully turn it clockwise. It is preferable to use a dedicated water/gas shut-off tool.
In this model there are three water shutoff valves associated with the hot water tank, city water supply and fresh water tank pump. One valve is the hot water tank bypass, the second appears to control water flow from the hot water tank to the interior faucets and toilet. The third valve is the one I'm unsure about.
The clean water is also known as potable water or fresh water; the wastewater is known as black water or gray water. RVs will have separate tanks for both freshwater, black water and grey water. Our welds are second to none, being very smooth and easily cleaned.
Oct 17, 2016 · The fresh water tank drain valve is close to the axles, under the coach on the street side. Rob. Cate & Rob. (with Border Collies Molly & Angel and their kitty Gracie) 2015 Reflection 303RLS #792. 2014 F150 EcoBoost 4x4 Crewcab with Max Tow and Heavy Payload pkgs. Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
This is water will be clean water that has flowed down the drain and also water from washing your hands, washing dishes, and taking a shower. This water is likely to have soap mixed in. The Roadtrek has a 23 gallon grey tank and a 10 gallon black tank - yes, the black tank holds only ten gallons of water mixed with waste.
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Your new Roadtrek is ready to go with just a little bit of preparation. ... drain the tanks. Don't let water you are planning to use sit in your tanks for more than a week or so, and don't ... make sure the tank isolator valve is open, and open the fresh water tank drain under the rear of the driver's doorstep. It
The Roadtrek is supplied with an optional DC generator located either behind the rear axle on the driver's side or in the engine compartment. Never submerge the generator. Use a spotter when launching a boat or crossing streams. Waste Water Storage and Dumping Close the black water gate valve before using the waste water system. Freezing
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For lightweight and corrosion-resistant alternative to metal, these valves are plastic. Attach garden hose to the valve outlet. Use with water. These valves gradually open and close to adjust and regulate flow. Use these valves for boiler maintenance and other low-pressure plumbing applications. They're for use with water.
With the new valve assembled and ready it was a simple thing to mount it in the old housing setting it in a bed of silicone to help seal and stabilize the RV water valve. Reinstalling the housing / valve assembly was a little bit of a pain. The vinyl water line wanted to kink when I pushed it back up into the rig. I had to take the screws out ...
Nov 11, 2014 · First, I drain the hot water tank by removing the drain plug, and turn the diverter valve to close the hot water tank to keep the antifreeze out (as stated in the manual). I then put two gallons of RV antifreeze (never any other kind as it is poisonous) in the fresh water tank.
I am trying to drain the fresh water tanks in my 2017 Roadtrek Agile SS. Tank is full. Valve under passenger door is - Answered by a verified RV Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.
Hi, I'm Cathy. My husband, Eric and I just bought our first RV! We got a 2004 Roadtrek 210 Popular. We have not even taken our first trip. I am trying to learn all about the vehicle. I'm having a problem with water flow - I got none! We have drained the fresh water tanks and filled and drained...
Art. no: 3010430. Combined safety valve and drain tap. Integrated frost protection that opens and drains the water heater automatically when there's a risk of frost (about 37.4°F, +3 °C). The drain tap can also be opened manually. Installed close to the boiler's incoming fresh water pipe.
So we continued to drain a measured 2 gallons off the gray tank and recorded the SeeLevel at each point. There have been cases of owners who did or did not use a pressure regulator and the pump check valve failed resulting in a full fresh tank from the city connection ( water actually poured out of the fresh tank pour inlet).
Now return the plumbing of the pump back to the original configuration. Using the valve system complete filling the fresh water tank with fresh water and allow to sit for a couple of days. Then open the low point drain on the fresh water tank and completely drain. When the coach is not in use make sure the tank is completely drained.
Anyway, the valve that is for the drain line froze and broke. I just need the valve cord (the part inside with the rubber gasket on the end) like in a bathroom of a home. There are four valves in the basement area where you add water and flush your holding tanks, all alike. I went to many local RV dealers and parts store in the greater KC area.